May 112017

this is a world
full of strange errors
to which it is not

even in the silence
patient dementing
makes its mark

if we stopped
would we see
and the footage
of ancient clowns?

for some forethought
I would appreciate
the wild ramblings
of an undone fate
and a tomorrow
of stoppered essence.

give me one thing
a field
of nettles and bluebells
very full of
their own codes.
If they know what is coming
they also know it will pass
and the sky, after all, is full of rocks and sunsets.

I would like to lie
in the sky
with my arms full
of playful sunlight
and clouds in my secrets.

it is quiet there
not that the future
does not matter
just that it can breathe in birds

this is a turning
and dissolving world.

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