Stories For Children

Specializing in wonder tales that combine traditional storytelling with the twisted and twining rhythms of spoken-word poetry, my performances celebrate the exuberance of story, fantasy and wondrous imagination. All tales can be adapted for KS1-5. Performances can precede workshops, or function as stand-alone events. You can view some of my performances on my blog here.

Sample Performances:
Kate Crackernuts:
When Kate’s sister is transformed into a sheep, what can Kate do but take her on a wondrous journey across valley and moor to try and find a cure? An old English tale of haunted castles and green glens, fairy mounds and enchanted ballrooms, this is a tale that celebrates the power of wit, of courage, of sisters, and above all, of hazelnuts.

Baba Yaga and the Tender Hearted Girl:
If your aunt is a fearsome witch with iron teeth and a house of chicken legs, and your stepmother wants you boiled alive, your chances of survival don’t seem high, and nor does the possibility of saving your skin with the pure force of good manners and a gentle heart. Yet in the depths of the wild forest, sharing your meagre feast with the bony black cat, the savage and ferocious dog and even a terrified child may change the world a little bit more than you could ever have expected….

The Three Aunts:
Think you know the story of Rumpelstiltskin? Think again. In this exuberant Norwegian tale, name guessing doesn’t get a look in as three ugly aunts career across the stage demanding attention and recognition in exchange for a little bit of spinning. A spirited and lively tale that celebrates the power of trickery, cheek and tenacity, you’ll never think of a spinning wheel in the same way again.

“Amazing, lots of fun and no boring bits at all.” ~ Firebird performance at Mile Oak