Joanna GilarAs a trained ritual facilitator I understand rituals as stories enacted in and by the world. Less about dogma and belief, they are both participatory theatre and community action. They are also moments of embodied creativity in which our imagination is participant in the material world.

Part of my storytelling work, then, is enacted storytelling, seasonal and rite-of-passage rituals in which movement of body and action in landscape create the story being told.

I have worked with the Earth Restoration Service and ONCA to create ecological rituals which focus on our relationship to our changing planet; and I regularly run open seasonal rites which explore our relationship to the changing seasons, as well as to the changing of seasonal patterns of today’s world.

I am particularly interested in collaborative ritual, and in work which bridges faith groups and artistic communities to narrate and re-narrate our place on our planet. If you are interested in working with me in this capacity then please do get in touch.