The Eco-Storytelling Choir


Stories for the world we’ve got

A choir of stories and poetry rather than songs, the Eco-Storytelling Choir is a collective space in which a group of storytellers get together to tell, reforge and create around a story.

The choir runs in ten week blocks, during which we work with one particular type of tale, selected together in the first session. Telling and exploring together we give ourselves time and space to sink deeply into the complexities and multitudes of the story, aiming towards a final performance that is both individual and collective – each of us telling a particular variant, and creating a choral concert of story.

As an eco-storytelling choir, our emphasis is upon the wildness embedded with the history of the story; the intrinsic, intimate relationships to land, plants and more-than-human creatures that the story holds. The performance will share our explorations of the relationship between ourselves, our wilds and our stories.

The eco-storytelling choir will run in Brighton from 21st September 2019, with a performance at the end of November. Venue and timing to be confirmed. Participation is £100 for the ten weeks. If you are interested in signing up, contact