The Giant’s Garden


A Wonder-Making Project

What is the Giant’s Garden?

The Giant’s Garden is a pop-up magic garden for children of all ages and their parents. Run in gardens, homes and local outdoor spaces, it is a community storytelling project that turns every day spaces into wonder-worlds.

It focuses on play-making events that involve creative attention to the here and now and sustainable interaction with the living world, including storytelling and foraging, magic gardening and wild crafting.

It welcomes all ages, hosting make and do spaces for kids and adults, and offering an area where families and communities can come together to do some wild and wondrous workings.

The Giant’s Garden is run in association with HKD Transition, a group of local residents working together to build stronger communities to cope with climate change.

Giant’s Garden Dates Spring and Summer 2019:

Sunday 7th April, 9.30 – 12, Ditchling – Primroses and Spring Flowers

Sunday 19th May, 9.30 – 12, Ditchling – Plantain, Daisy and Hawthorn

Sunday 2nd June, 9.30 – 12, Ditchling

Sunday 7th July, 9.30 – 12, Ditchling

£7 per family, £4 concession.

If you’re interested in attending or finding more about the Giant’s Garden, get in touch.

The Giant’s Garden is a Way Space project: a work/live/play space that interrogates the dichotomy between work and play, with the underlying philosophy that working well with the world is a fantastic and magical act.

Read more about the ideas behind Way Spaces and the Giant’s Garden, or connect with us on Facebook.