Body Telling


Joanna Gilar Embodied Storytelling

Embodied storytelling workshops are places to speak from the body via breath, silence, attention, rhythm and word. They are safe and creative spaces in which the complexities of our physical interaction with the world can be voiced, witnessed and celebrated.

BabyBodyStory: A Body Storytelling Space for New Mothers

Pregnancy, birth and being a mum changes not just our lives, but our bodies. Yet in the hectic rollercoaster of new parenthood, we don’t often have space to tell the stories of labour, breastfeeding, sleeplessness and the massive transformation of physical existence.

BabyBodyStory is a place to voice, play with and be heard in this changed and changing state. It takes place in Bluebells garden cabin just by Ditchling recreation ground and runs for five sessions on a Thursday 12 – 2pm, beginning from July 29th. You are welcome to bring your little ones, and there is a large garden to take them into if they need to chill.

The cost is £100 for five sessions, but concessions are available if you need.

Any queries, contact Joanna on 07796163436, or via the contact form on this website.